Kendall Park Volunteer Fire Co.

Governance of South Brunswick Township Fire District No. 1 is provided through a publicly elected five member Board of Fire Commissioners. The Fire District was created by ordnance in December of 1977 by the South Brunswick Township Committee and began full operations as a Fire District in March of 1978. The Fire District is the responsible public agency for providing fire and rescue services to the residence and visitors of South Brunswick Fire District No. 1.

The Board of Fire Commissioners are responsible for establishing funding for the operations of the Fire District within the guidelines and statutes of the State of New Jersey. The Board of Fire Commissioners provides fire and rescue services through a contract with the Kendall Park Volunteer Fire Company. The board, as public officials, must follow all of the rules that are promulgated for public agencies.

The Board of Fire Commissioners each serve a three year term, with the elections staggered over the three year term. The election is required by law to be held on the third Saturday in February between the hours of 2:00 PM and 9:00 PM. Approval of the annual budget is also on the ballot at the same election. From time to time, special elections must be held to approve bond issues and/or capital expenditures. Regular Meetings of the Board take place on the second Monday of each month at 6:30 pm at the Kendall Park Firehouse on New Road.

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The following residents of South Brunswick Fire District No. 1 have been elected to serve on the Board of Fire Commissioners:

South Brunswick Fire District No. 1
Board of Fire Commissioners

William Orchard, Chairman, Term Expires 2017
Richard Josephson,Vice Chairman, Term Expires 2019
Sarah Berezansky, Treasurer, Term Expires 2018
Kris Olson, Clerk, Term Expires 2018
Arthur Tarnowski, Commissioner, Term Expires 2019